Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

mengintip sms pacar atau istri

hai semua..mgkn ini udah “kuno”

tapi mungkin masih ada yg blm tau jd bagi-bagi trik boleh kan

siap bearantem ma istri atau pacar karena ketahuan selingkuh nih…

Required utility:
1) Any system explorer or file explorer program (eg. Fexplorer)

Step 1) Open Fexplorer

Step 2) Select drive C: or E depending on the memory in which the Sms messages have been saved.

Step 3) For example u selected c: , Then open “system” folder.

step 4) Then in “system” folder open “mail” folder.

step 5) Then in this folder u will see different folders (eg 0010001_s) and certain files (eg 00100000). These files are the actual messages. Browse through every folder and open all files till u get the sms u are looking for.

Step 6) For opening the files don’t choose options>file>open as it will show format not supported rather choose options>file>hex/text viewer. By selecting the “Hex/ text viewer” u ll be able to open and read the deleted SMS message.

Please post ur replies wheter it works on ur phone on not. I ve tested it on my 6600 with latest version of Fexplorer.

Note: This will not work if u ve intentionally deleted the contents of The “mail” folder.

tested on n6600 makanya kadang memory Hp kita full padahal galery kosong inbox jga empty ternyata fe explorer msh nyimpen file2 kita diblkng layar.
mgkn untuk sebagian Hp ada yg ga bsa.so just “lucky”

yang mau aplikasi “sms Dump” ada disini register dg 00000

hati hati bisa bisa kamu yang yang akan ketahuan…. :D